We are open

Better late than never I write this concluding post from the development of the St Nicolas Centre.

It is a month since we celebrated the opening of the centre with a weekend of events. Over 400 people came to visit the centre for the grand opening; cheering under umbrellas whilst Bishop Andrew cut the ribbon, exploring all the new spaces, meeting the community groups and remembering the times the church had been there at key times. It was a day none of us will forget and is captured in these photos.

Then on the Sunday we had a celebratory service in the Pat Dummer Hall followed by a bring and share lunch. A perfect end to a great weekend of celebrations.

Thanks to Charlie Brown Photography for the photos.


End of an era; a temporary era

Today the temporary hall leaves site!

The huge crane is back a year after it first arrived and in a few short hours everything temporary will be removed and the church garden will be ready to regrow.

That’s the last element removed. What a photo from Rev Libby.

So who’s in the mood for a game of giant hop scotch on the foundations?

Top comment of the day goes to Ted Kautzer “bye bye PP Church”. Don’t worry Ted, PPP will be in the brand new Pat Dummer Hall in September.

Pat Dummer Hall

It’s hard to believe that the church hall has become this amazing space. There’s no doubt that Pat Dummer would love the space that has been created.

This of the view from the back of the hall towards the entrance with the kitchen on the left.

Speaking of the kitchen, isn’t it amazing. The gap next to the sink is for a commercial dishwasher; 7 minutes and everything will be clean.

This is the view conversation the entrance, with the garden on the right hand side and the children’s garden at the far end.

They hall has acoustic panels on the ceiling to reduce the echo; a number of lighting options to allow for different use; smooth access inside and out; connectivity for getting online and an automatic vent system to ensure it never feels airless. It sings and dances.

And finally for today; here is the view from the hall into the small hall in the extension – it’s a really flexible space for community activities, meetings or groups.

We are officially opening the St Nicolas Centre on Saturday 22nd September and everyone is invited. Remember to save the date.

What a view

This has been the week when we have had the chance to go inside the St Nicolas Centre. It’s not open yet, the link isn’t quite finished and we need fire approvals; but it’s been immensely exciting to go into the rooms we’ve been talking about for the last four years.

There are many photos I could have chosen to share today but this is the one which spoke to me the most about the church and community in partnership.

It is taken from the church hall, at the doors nearest the kitchen, looking at the link and the church spire beyond.

We’re nearly there

It’s within touching distance. In fact it is a reality for REinspired who are the first to set up home in their new office. But they aren’t ready for photos just yet – want to get it just right.

Jennie and Vicki are in their temporary office in the conference room in the annex since their previous office gained a little too much air conditioning when the wall was removed. In just a few weeks they will be moving into the all new office.

Where is that?

It is just off the welcome space at the end of the corridor from the Pat Dummer hall in the photo below.

If you look at the ceiling of the Pat Dummer hall you can see the newly installed acoustic panels, the echo will be no more.

You can see the kitchen in the photos above and below and the doors out to the garden.

The link, or welcome space as it will be called, is a bright, airy, welcoming and surprising large space – just what we hoped for. It still needs it’s glazing but it is fully knocked through to both the hall and the church now.

And what a great view of the garden the welcome space will have; a garden where plans are being made for raised beds, community planting and multi sense prayer walks.

There is so much going on and loads more to share, but for now that’s all folks.

The link: progress in pictures

From mud to foundations, through snow and rain, to walls, floors, underfloor heating systems and screed and this week a few roof trusses. The link is the final part of the jigsaw to join the church with the hall and extension to create the St Nicolas Centre. Below you can see the progress over the last six months.

Watch this space as the glazing appears over the coming weeks.

Room by Room by Room

Thanks to Jennie and Neil and their steady stream of photos of the actual rooms inside the St Nicolas Centre, we’re able to give you a guided tour today.

Below is a 3D view of where the rooms will be located in the St Nicolas Centre.

To help us orientate ourselves…

The hexagonal space labelled 13 is the church, with 14 denoting the current church entrance.

10, 11 and 12 are the area behind the church, where the sacrasty, kitchen, toilet, church and REinspired offices are located.

The previous hall kitchen was in area 6, toilets in area 7; and the hall, stage and back rooms were in the space behind this including 8 and 2.

So what do these spaces look like now and what will they become?

7. The church office

6. Resources Room

3. Meeting Room in the extension

4. Meeting Room in the extension

2. Church Hall, looking towards the church office and kitchen

The church hall looking towards the garden and rear door.

1. Storage areas off the church hall

And the essential toilets which are between the meeting room (6) and the hall (2).

Our plan is for Ben to video a walk through of the building in the next week or so, watch this space.

And finally…

Here are some views from today of the extension and the extra garden space from our neighbours.

And the frames for the glazing of the link (9) which is taking shape.