Link Lines

If you weren’t sure from the plans and diagrams what the link would look like then the photos might help. The foundations have been laid which means you can see the actual lines of the link building. No longer will our site be physically divided; we will be a joined up centre for the whole community.

View of the link foundations from the church hall

Close up of the link foundations

View of the link foundations for the back of the garden


Foundations Laid

It may be wet and windy and cold and grey, but that doesn’t stop the builders, they’ve been hard at work whatever the weather.

Concrete foundations and for slab for the hall side extension were poured in December and are now set, ready for the next stage.

It’s becoming ever more obvious how much space the extension will give for offices and meeting rooms. Both the church office and REinspired will have the space they need to work effectively, and a resource room will allow the photocopier to chug away without deafening everyone. And there will be rooms available for meetings, small groups, consultations or prayer.

View from the car park of the side extension with builders in the rain

View of the side extension from inside the church hall

View of the side extension from the back of the church site.

Many of us have been struck by the sight of the foundations and reminded that we need their strength to ensure everything stands strong. In the same way, God is our foundation and without Him we know we would not have the strength for the development of the St Nicolas Centre.

Carols at the Pub – Putting the fun in a fundraiser

Julia had this wonderful idea a couple of months ago – take a group to the local pub, sing lots of well known carols, hold a raffle, have a lot of fun and raise money for the St Nicolas Centre. Everyone who heard her idea agreed it was a fab plan and signed up to come along.

Fast forward to last night and these photos show just what a success Julia’s idea was. A pub full of people, loads of smiles on faces, plenty of Christmas cheer and over £300 raised for the St Nicolas Centre.

Thank you Julia and everyone who joined in. Same time next year?

Mud, mud, glorious mud

Of all the weeks to dig foundations, the week of snow and ice wouldn’t be everyone’s first choice. But with large diggers and warm clothes these builders don’t let any sub freezing temperatures stop them.

These are the foundations for the link building between the Church Hall and the Church building. It’s certainly muddy, but thanks to the extremely cold weather there are no hippos tempted to wallow. You can get a real feel for what a wonderfully large space there will be once the centre is complete, lots of space for community meetings.

Still fundraising

We have been fundraising for several years, working hard to get the money in place but the St Nicolas Centre. There have been auctions of promises, summer fairs, shared meals, sponsored runs and creation of our own recipe book. We are open to all ideas for fundraising, nothing too small or too crazy, do you have an idea?

This month we had our second Christmas sing a long which attracted a church full of people to sing carols, hear stories and poems and get Christmas started. Huge thanks go to everyone who worked hard to make it happen, everyone who played and read and especially everyone who came along.

Settled into the temporary hall

Over the last two weeks all the groups have moved into the temporary hall and got used to the new space.

As a church we have celebrated the new space with a shared meal and had our first act of worship – PPP messy church Christingle. It’s a fabulous space and we are thrilled that through all the building work we can continue to serve our community.